Mission: “Beat the Board” Game

Date: Wednesday, January 16 – Tuesday, February 19
Time: (see Rule #1)
Location: (see Rule #1)

Hey everyone! This winter quarter we will be trying something new and that is Beat the Board! Find the assigned board members for the week and complete a mission!

1. Game will NOT be played during meetings, classes, socials/fundraisers, homes, or at work
2. Once a board member has been found, you will have an assigned task to complete.
3. Task will be unknown until you find a board member.
4. You MUST “beat” the board member at the assigned task in order to get points.
5. Every week the targets will change and will be announced on the [So K-Pop 2018-2019] Facebook group.

Point Breakdown:
1st – 10 points
2nd – 8 points
3rd and the rest – 5 points
*** BIG/Little: If both BIG and Little(s) complete it -> 1.5x points! ***

***** Be sure the board member has your name down and check your points at [Member -> Member Points] in the menu *****

1/16 – 1/22: Trang (President) and Andre (External Vice President)
1/22 – 1/29: Valerie (Small Event Coordinator) and Vicki R. (Big Event Coordinator)
1/29 – 2/5: Jessica (Secretary) and Cindy H. (Webmaster/Historian)
2/5 – 2/12: Cindy V. (Treasurer)
2/12 – 2/19: Elena (Internal Vice President) and Sandy (Big Event Coordinator)