President – Trang Le

Year: 4th

Major: Biological Sciences

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS

Ultimate Bias: Jungkook

Random fact: My weaknesses are stickers, keychains, stuffed animals, and BTS.

Vice President (Internal)- Elena Tang

Year: 4th

Major: Cellular Biology

Minor: Philosophy

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS

Ultimate Bias: BTS (OT7)

Random fact: I like to travel.

Co-Secretary– Kevin Le

Year: 3rd

Major: Mathematics

Favorite K-Pop Groups: Red Velvet

Random fact: I’m an Asian ginger.

Treasurer- Cindy Vu

Year: 4th

Major: Economics

Minor: Accounting

Favorite K-Pop Groups: Jay Park, Blackpink, Big Bang

Ultimate Bias: G-dragon

Random fact: The longest I slept for was 17 hours

Big Event Coordinator- Vicki Ruan

Year: 4th

Major: Chinese & Communication

Minor: Education

Favorite K-Pop Groups: Super Junior, KARD, GOT7, BTOB,Eric Nam, Rain, f(x), Red Velvet, etc.

Ultimate Bias: Rain, Eric Nam

Random fact: I was the Vice President for the Kpop club in high school.

Small Event Coordinator- Valerie Trinh

Year: 4th

Major: Forensics

Favorite K-Pop Group: EXO

Ultimate Bias: Kai

Random fact: Have too many animu children.

Co-President –  Pedro Eduardo Sanchez

Year: 3rd

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Music

Favorite K-Pop Groups: WJSN, PNATION

Random fact: I have two katanas.

Vice President (External)- Kevin Ear

Year: 3rd

Major: NPB (with interest in Nursing/CRNA)

Favorite K-Pop Groups: LOONA, LOONA 1/3, LOONA Odd Eye Circle, LOONA yyxy

Ultimate Bias: All of LOONA

Random fact: I am a 2nd degree black belt in a Chinese-Korean martial arts known as Tang Soo Do. I also absolutely LOVE the animes Angel Beats and No Game No Life!

Co-Secretary– Vicki Ho

Year: 4th

Major: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Minor: Psychology

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS, Seventeen, PLT, The Rose, Sam Kim

Random fact: I am allergic to apples.

Big Event Coordinator- Sandy Huynh

Year: 4th

Major: NPB

Minor: Human Development

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS

Ultimate Bias: Jungkook

Random fact: I was in a korean dancing team in high school

Small Event Coordinator- Tori Zhang

Year: 2nd

Major: Mathematics

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS

Ultimate Bias: BTS (all seven members)

Fun Fact: …

Webmaster/Historian- Cindy Huang

Year: 4th

Major: NPB

Favorite K-Pop Groups: BTS, MonstaX, Mamamoo, KARD

Ultimate Bias: RM

Random fact: If I have time, I like to bake desserts.