-So, what is SoNoRae?

SoNoRae is a K-Pop singing club based in UC Davis. We sing along to K-Pop, K-indie and other genres of Korean music as well! We also make vocal covers of our favorite K-Pop songs and perform songs on stage.

– How was SoNoRae founded?

SoNoRae was founded in April 2014. We started out as a bunch of friends who are passionate about singing to K-Pop and that passion has led us to become the SoNoRae we are today. From singing and practicing in the dorms to becoming an official club on campus and performing on stage at events like KPOPCON, it has been an amazing journey and we are proud to be a part of SoNoRae.

– Who can join SoNoRae?

As mentioned, we welcome anyone who loves singing or even just listening to K-Pop, so no singing experience is required! We also welcome rappers, beatboxers, instrumentalists, guitarists, etc.

– But I don’t understand/sing in Korean!

If you are worried about not understanding or not knowing how to sing in Korean, that’s okay! Most of our members don’t know Korean too but it is our passion in K-Pop that has brought us all together as a group.